About US

Sarah Grey founded Grey Editing in 2011 after several years of part-time freelancing. She has since edited and coached ESL students, novelists, professors, judges, activists, rabbis, filmmakers, CEOs, union workers, and diplomats. Her years as a translation project manager taught her much about the intricacies of syntax as well as the importance of crafting a text for its intended audience, linguistically and culturally.

Sarah is a writer herself and has a broad range of intellectual interests, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. Her work is strongly grounded in her commitment to social justice and equality; she writes and speaks widely on social justice and language. With a well-rounded body of knowledge, deep intellectual engagement, a strong sense of professionalism, and a warm personality, Sarah is an ideal editor for those who write to change the world.

Sarah studied philosophy and cultural studies at Chatham College for Women. She serves on the board of governors and as a local co-coordinator for the Editorial Freelancers Association and is a member of the American Copy Editors Society, the American Society for Indexing, the National Writers Union, the Freelancers Union, the American Dialect Society, and the Fishtown Area Business Association.