The cover and an inside page from Boots Riley's book,  Tell Homeland Security—We Are the Bomb.

Boots Riley, Tell Homeland Security—We Are the Bomb (Chicago: Haymarket Books, 2015).

“Boots’s lyrics contain the wit and satire to match their venom and their potent political punch. His intricate yet relatable rhymes are like a combination of a Richard Pryor sketch and a guerrilla warfare manual.” —Tom Morello

“Boots’s unparalleled lyrics are here, but there’s so much more, too—all of it bearing Boots’s trademark combination of revolutionary politics, absurdist humor, and rare lyricism. This is a great book about a great man.” —Dave Eggers

If you’re a fan of political hip-hop and you live in Philly, I have good news for you. Legendary artist Boots Riley (The Coup, Street Sweeper Social Club) is coming to Wooden Shoe Books on August 25 to launch his new book,  Tell Homeland Security—We Are the Bomb. The book features lyrics, commentary, photos, and back stories you won’t find anywhere else.

I’ll be hosting a conversation with Boots about his music and film work, his activism in the Black Lives Matter movement, growing up in the heyday of the Black Power movement in California, how working a customer-service hotline inspired him, and, of course, the book– plus much more. Please click here to RSVP, and don’t forget to buy the book! You can also follow Boots on Twitter (highly recommended).