I couldn’t be more honored to be a newly named Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. This UK-based professional association has been bringing together, training, and certifying editorial professionals from Britain and around the world for thirty years, and APM is its highest membership designation.

I had the pleasure of addressing the SfEP’s 2018 conference in Lancaster, England, in September. I spoke on inclusive language and conducted, in partnership with Erin Brenner of Right Touch Editing, a live editing workshop on copyediting nonfiction. We received a wonderfully warm welcome from our colleagues, both at the conference and from local SfEP members during our visit to nearby Glasgow. I learned a great deal from editors in a variety of fields, and very much enjoyed Lynne Murphy’s keynote speech on the finer points of US and UK English (a topic on which I enjoyed making my own observations during my travels).

Six white women smile at the camera in downtown Glasgow

US and Scottish editors after a lovely lunch in Glasgow

I look forward to future collaboration with the SfEP! UK authors, I’m always pleased to speak with you: please email me if you’d like to discuss your next editing project.