Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire, Deepa Kumar

I coauthored an article with Deepa Kumar (author of Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire) about Islamophobia and protests in France.  We’re currently the lead article on MRZine.  Check it out!

Furor in France: Mission Civilisatrice and “Muslim Rage” in the Motherland

Here’s a taste:

The French have a long and proud tradition of massive street protests, but it would appear that this tradition is reserved for the “right” kind of people.  A poll by the survey group TNS found that 58 percent of French respondents thought that freedom of speech was a “fundamental right,” yet 71 percent supported the ban on Muslim protest. The propaganda that is responsible for winning this sort of consent is rooted in a long history of presenting Muslims as an “other” who must be brought into the fold and taught the “right” — or French — way to live.