disability language guide

I’m pleased to report that there was quite a lot of interest in yesterday’s #ACESchat about inclusive language with the American Copy Editors Society on Twitter! We had lots of active participants and all agreed that the editorial community is ready for many more discussions on this important topic. It was my first time leading a Twitter chat. The format is a lot of fun (even if I did have┬áto go lie down afterward!).

Gerri Berendzen from ACES very kindly waded through a sea of complicated threads to put together two Storify links, which allow readers to browse the discussion in an easier-to-read order. The full version contains more information but also has quite a bit of repetition due to retweets. The edited version will give you the highlights but doesn’t follow every discussion thread through. Both contain plenty of resources, including this list.

Many thanks to ACES for the invitation! For those who want to learn more, I’ll be leading an audio conference on this topic with Copyediting.com on February 11, 2015. I hope you’ll join us.